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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an online directory listing?
List with us today to receive leads at or click SIGN UP, above the navigation menu, in the upper right-hand corner. Your business will benefit from a professional profile, searchable through our directory & publish articles.
How do I get leads?
• Always make sure your profile is complete and up to date.
• Upgrade to a Premier Membership, so your profile will be displayed at the top of each search page and be featured in the sidebar in the resource center.
• Do you have ratings on google, Facebook, yelp, your personal site or anywhere else? Instead of writing a lengthy bio - let your clients do the talking! Highlight your reviews & testimonials. This is an easy & great way to show that you are a rock star!
• Contribute articles, video & podcasts to the resource center (Premier Memberships only). This is a great way to generate traffic for your business and become an "expert" in your field.
• Make sure to respond to direct inquiries in a timely manner when potential clients reach out to you directly through the site via the "ask a question" section or contact form.
How can I generate more business?
• Thousands of consumers research tax issues every day. Sharing your knowledge builds rapport with clients. And every article you publish links to your website & profile, increasing the opportunity for potential clients to learn about your firm and contact you.
How can I increase my exposure?
• Contributor's articles and profiles will be displayed on the homepage and resource center. All articles are also optimized to rank on search engines, giving you another opportunity to reach prospective clients. The more articles you submit, the better your exposure will be through our network and search engines.
• Our goal is to create a network of sites flush with helpful content and well written, practical information that will keep readers coming back for years. With this in mind, we've put together a set of guidelines to which contributed content must adhere.
How do I write a good article?
• Provide practical, unbiased information. Avoid long narratives, tax history, and sensational language.
• Use plain English. Avoid legalese and flowery language. Remember that most readers are not accountants.
• Limit discussion of personal experiences or cases. Refer to a personal experience or case only if it helps explain a concept or provides a good example of what's discussed in the article. Don't discuss the specific dollar values or names of individual tax situations you helped resolve.
• Don't promote yourself. Consumers trust Find a CPA's website because it is not filled with self-promotional material. (If you are a member, you can tell readers all about yourself in your profile.)
• Write a good first paragraph. The first paragraph should state what the article is about and offer a conclusion (when appropriate) so that readers can decide right away if the article will answer their question. Don't start with a case or client story.
• Keep paragraphs short. When possible, use subject headings to break up paragraphs, and use bulleted lists when including a list of items or issues.
• Be willing to revise. The best writing comes from several "eyes" and revisions. Find a CPA's expert editors will edit your article and may request revisions.
I have a YouTube channel - Can I submit video instead of articles?
Yes! If you have a Podcast you can upload your episodes on our site too! As a Premier member, you have awesome choices here!
What is a byline?
Your name, image, bio, and website link will appear prominently on any article, you contribute to the resource center (blog).
How do I submit articles?
Only Premier Members are able to submit articles for publication. Sign up for a Premier Membership today!
Premier Members - Instructions for Posting Articles, Videos and Podcasts

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