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Andrew Averett

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Upper Limit Consulting

I work with small and medium businesses to solve two of their biggest problems:  Keeping more of their money and getting more of their time back from the business.

I pick up where other CPAs leave off.

Do you have questions such as “Can I afford to hire a new employee?” or “What do my financial statements mean and what I can do about improving them?”  We can help.

I get into the details of the finances with you and help you understand the story they are telling and develop a plan to improve them.  I’m able to show my average client exactly where they can increase their profits by 8%.  What would you do with an extra $10K – $100K more?

I also work to get the owner out of the day to day details of the company and have a process that shows them why they are stuck, what their ideal company and role in that company looks like. This then drives the systematic plan to get them the freedom, time and money to do what they want.

You started this business to live a different life.  If the business has taken over and become your life, we need to talk so you can get not just money, but your time back as well.

I can do the above two services for any company.  But I also dive deep into the construction and commercial cleaning industries and offer additional accounting services specific to their needs.

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  • Construction
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