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Eric Pierre

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Your Favorite CPA

Your Favorite CPA was founded by Eric Pierre, a certified CPA with a long-established career in the tax and finance industry. He loves helping individuals and businesses, save money on taxes.

After growing up in Houston, Texas, Eric found his aptitude for accounting and taxes. He graduated with a Masters of Professional Accountancy and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accountancy, with honors, from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Launching into the industry post-college, Eric developed an impressive career in corporate finance, pharmaceuticals and beyond.

During this process, Eric gained incredible insights and knowledge, but something didn’t quite click.

That was when Eric realized he desired to do business differently. Smaller. On a more personal level.

Eric wanted to focus on relationship-based partnerships, collaborating with and alongside people – both clients and fellow tax and finance professionals – rather than as rivals.

Since getting his CPA license in 2006, Eric has made this vision of business based on mutually beneficial relationships a reality.

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